I’m a Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience developing software of all kinds. From web development to backend development, I’ve been through PHP, Ruby, Node, MySQL, Postgres, Firebase, and even iOS development.

I’m very detail-focused, and I do my best to produce well tested, maintainable software. Most of my career has been about creating backend and frontend applications from scratch, from architecture to deployment and production maintenance.

I’ve maintained very large iOS applications, created various full-stack web applications in Ruby on Rails, created and maintained Single-Page Applications using Angular, and created billing systems from scratch using Ruby.


I work mainly with Ruby for Full Stack and Backend Development, and Flutter for Mobile Development.

I can develop APIs, entire web applications, and mobile applications for both iOS and Android. I can also leverage Firebase as a backend system for faster prototyping.

How much?

I work on hourly rates, which are negotiable and highly depend on the type of project you need, so it’s best to get in touch and find the best solution for everyone.